Recognizable Donations

We would like to recognize our community members and businesses that go out of their way to help keep our sancutary running.

Thanks to…

Columbia’s Conley Walmart

Photo provided by Tammy Hickman


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D&D Farm Animal Sanctuary was started years ago out of the love in our hearts for animals in need. Somebody brought three baby squirrels into a school I was at and they were half dead. They needed help, so we jumped in and offered any resources we had; and that’s how it started. Since then, we have devoted our lives to saving wild animals. As high school seniors, we hit it off on the school bus. Dale was talking about horses and so was I to people who don’t care about horses, so we started talking to each other! He then took me out to show me how he rode. He made a fool of himself, and I forgave him for that. That’s how it started. While still holding full-time jobs, we have found a place in our hearts as well as in our home for these neglected animals.

Photo provided by Tammy Hickman