What We Do

Photo Provided by Tammy Hickman

D&D Farm is a non-profit organization that focuses on donations and is 501c-3 tax certified.  We focus on taking in displaced animals that have medical, emotional, and neglect issues. We do not breed. We focus on rehabilitation and putting our animals back into the wild. Obviously, not all of our animals can be released into the wild. What we love the most is getting a baby animal. We want to help them grow with the goal of releasing them back into their natural habitat. We would like to make D&D Farm a permanent institution, and would like to make it an educational facility where the public can learn more about conservation and wildlife. A lot of our wildlife is disappearing and we need to save it. The best way to save the animals is to talk to the children because they are the ones who are going to be our future. If you were to find a wild animal, our suggestion is to leave it alone and see if its mother comes back for it. If the mother does not come back, bring it in and D&D Farm will finish raising it and release it back into the wild. The best way to donate an animal to us is to call and we will meet you at the gate. We advise bringing animals in a cage or box that you do not want returned. We ask for the name, address, and county you found the animal in, for legal records, and we will take it from there.

Photo provided by Tammy Hickman

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